About Timbeter Container

Timbeter Container has been created by the team at Timbeter, to accurately measure timber logs in containers using machine learning technology and artificial intelligence for accurate log detection.

A clean tech company, with locations worldwide, Timbeter’s aim is to eradicate illegal logging and improve timber supply for both log buyers and sellers using a pioneering algorithm.

Timbeter Container is changing the timber shipping industry, one log at a time.

  • Share your measurements with contractors and clients
  • Effortlessly measure, plan and manage your logs in shipping containers
  • Reduce the cost of your log inventory
  • Transfer your data safely from your smartphone to the cloud
  • Integrates with your existing workflow processes
  • Measure log count, diameters and density in under 5 minutes

The story behind Timbeter...

In 2013, Vallo Visnapuu received a phone call from the organizers of a local technology hackathon event called Garage48.

The event organizers asked him to present a problem that he faced in his sawmill, and how utilizing new technology could solve the problem.

Visnapuu had an idea, if smartphones could recognize human faces, could they not recognize logs from a photo? Visnapuu met fellow technology and forestry enthusiasts Anna-Greta Tsahkna and Martin Kambla at the event, and together they launched a prototype that won the competition.

Timbeter was born.

Today, Timbeter serves clients in 61 countries around the world, is available in 12 languages and our app has over 10,000 downloads, measuring more than 1 million cbm.

Join us in making the forestry sector more sustainable as part of the green tech innovation and register today.

Meet the team


Anna-Greta Tsahkna
Chief Executive Officer


Martin Kambla
Chief Technical Officer


David Bailey-Lauring
Chief Marketing Officer


Rachel Di Giuseppe
Customer Support Manager


Vallo Visnapuu
President of the Council